The EnviroInfo 2016 is the 30th edition of the long standing and established international and interdisciplinary conference series on leading environmental information and communication technologies. Combining and shaping national and international activities in the field of applied informatics and environmental informatics in making the world a better place for living, the EnviroInfo conference series aims at presenting and discussing the state-of-the-art development on ICT and environmental related fields.

The EnviroInfo conference series looks back on a history of 30 conferences and thus one important thread in Berlin will be a retrospective on the experiences made and the lessons learned for a better valuation of current trends and future perspectives on its basic cross-cutting concerns like applications of geographical information systems, environmental modelling and simulation, risk management, material and energy flow management, climate change, tools and database applications and other aspects with regard to the main topic ICT and the environment.

Due to the interdisciplinary character of environmental informatics, one important goal of this conference is to bring experts from industry, research and education together to exchange ideas and proposals for solution of urgent problems and needs in the field on environmental protection and its IT-support. Furthermore, students are asked to join this conference to get first experiences with this outstanding community.

General Topic

Environmental Informatics – Current trends and future perspectives based on 30 years of history

General focus

Due to the interdisciplinary character of environmental informatics there is a wide range of topics that are tradionally covered by the conference:

  • Environmental Management Information Systems
  • Health Systems
  • Energy and Water Systems
  • Frameworks, Platforms, Portals
  • History
  • Environmental Informatics and Economical Aspects

Special Focus

Topics of special interest will be covered in special workshops or within topic centered sessions/tracks within the conference’s schedule. Special Topics of this year’s conference are:

There are also two workshops scheduled in German language: