Call for Participation

Environmental Informatics 3.0 – Just a buzzword of lived reality?

We invite you to our conference in Berlin 2016 to see how visions, state of the art in research and IT applications correlate to each other.

And in fact, the 3.0 topic is not really new for the EnviroInfo conference series with it’s 3 capital C’s:

  • Connectivity between data and men on European scale
  • Consistency and data quality: by meta data and semantic nets
  • Community with participants from research, administrations and companies for fruitful

Furthermore we will celebrate the 30th EnviroInfo conference 2016!
See you in Berlin at HTW Berlin, University of Applied Sciences!

Conference Objectives

The EnviroInfo 2016 conference is a meeting place for experts and practitioners on leading ICT technologies to make the world a better place for living. It aims to report about state-of-the-art applications of ICT as well as newest developing trends in the field of environmental informatics. It will cover cross-cutting concerns like applications of geographical information systems, environmental modelling and simulation, risk management, material and energy flow management, climate change, tools and database applications and other aspects with regard to the main topic ICT and the environment. The EnviroInfo 2016 conference will have a special focus on the topic “ICT for industrial environmental protection” and thus will reflect on practical problems and the need for an adequate IT-assistance for this application field. A special focus is laid on the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises and their need for a proper and easy to use IT-assistance.

Due to the interdisciplinary character of environmental informatics one important goal of this conference is to bring experts from industry, research and education together to exchange ideas and proposals for solution of urgent problems and needs in the field on environmental protection and its IT-assistance. Furthermore students are asked to join this conference to get first experiences with this outstanding community.

The main but not exclusive topics of the EnviroInfo2016 will be:

  • Environmental Management Information Systems (EMIS) and decision support systems for sustainable production, material flow management, energy and resource efficiency
  • Modelling and Simulation Tools and Methods
  • Environmental applications of cloud based, near real time and mobile technologies
  • Environmental data exchange and integration, eGovernment, OpenData
  • ICT and Life Cycle Assessments
  • Applications of Geographical Information Systems
  • Knowledge base for environmental decision making
  • Risk Management
  • Student’s Corner

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