General Sessions

General topics of the EnviroInfo 2016 conference will cover cross-cutting topics like applications of geographical information systems, environmental modelling and simulation, risk management, material and energy flow management, climate change, tools and database applications and other aspects with regard to the main topic ICT and the environment.

  • Environmental Management Information Systems
  • Health Systems
  • Energy and Water Systems
  • Frameworks, Platforms, Portals
  • History
  • Environmental Informatics and Economical Aspects

Special Tracks

Topics of special interest will be covered in special workshops or within topic centered sessions/tracks within the conference’s schedule. Special Topics of this year’s conference are:

For more information visit the our Special Tracks Overview.


There will be a number of workshops, which will be held before, during, and after the main conference.
Workshops during the main conference are included in the registration fee, whilst participation in a workshop/s held outside the main conference, are on an additional cost basis.



For more information visit the our Workshop Overview.

Students’ Corner

There will be a workshop organized from student’s for student’s covering aspects that are especially relevant for students in the field of environmental informatics or related subjects.

Environmental Informatics Prize for Students

Again, the Technical Committee “Informatics for Environmental Protection” of the German Informatics Society will award a prize for a student‘s work in the field of environmental informatics. For further details see our website.