Special Tracks

Adaptation knowledge platforms – approaches for presenting complex information

As adaptation policy in Europe is progressing, it is increasingly important that stakeholders including decision makers, practitioners and the general public have access to relevant and high quality information. This information is being used to support the development and implementation of adaptation strategies and plans at European, transnational, national and local level. There are national […]

Environmental Health Informatics

Session Goals Until today the topics environment and health are often looked upon in different and separate projects. This does not reflect the reality. Every impact on the environment has consequently an impact on the health of humans and also animals. The health of the human population worldwide is extremely endangered by the impact of […]

Satellite remote sensing based tools and applications for environmental assessment

The session will focus on innovative earth observation studies developing software tools or thematic map based applications for environmental assessment. Besides studies using VNIR, SWIR, TIR, SAR and passive microwave for their applications, we would like to discuss the opportunities of the EU program Copernicus, providing a variety of products and satellite data at no […]

Environmental ICT – what next for education and training?

The first age of ICT sustainability saw a number of major developments in the understanding of ICT’s impact on the environment, and of ways to mitigate that impact. Perhaps the single most significant – certainly the best remembered – piece of information is that ICT is responsible for the same proportion of greenhouse gas as […]

Design, Sustainability & ICT

The term “IT-industrialization” is one of the buzzwords of today’s business informatics. IT-industrialization is the transfer of traditional industrial methods and processes to information technology (IT). In the “classic” industrialization, the question of design of (physical) products became more and more significant. This raises the question if and how the design is important within the […]

Life Cycle Assessment and ICT

Life cycle assessment is a topic in environmental informatics since many years. Computer science contributes to life cycle assessment as a research area in different dimensions. They implement life cycle assessment methods (e.g. matrix methods, software tools), they make the methods applicable in practice (graphical user interfaces, LCI and LCIA databases), they integrate the methods […]

Sustainable Mobility Part 2

Sustainable mobility is one of the emerging topics of our time. On the one hand mobility in the sense of moving persons and goods is one of the central functions for a successful economy and a worth living society. On the other hand, mobility contributes the highest CO2 emissions besides the energy production and is […]