ConverStations – Part 1

Presentation of research papers:

(10 min presentation, 15 min discussion)

  • Digital Platform for Electricity and Mobility: Unifying the two domains by Olga Levina
  • Design patterns in material and energy flow network models by Christian Hasenstab
  • Assessment of Land Limitations and Utilization Intensity by Land Capability Classification by Ahmed Harb Rabia
  • Valuation of storage under zonal pricing market structure – case study: Italy by Mihai-Bogdan Oprescu, Sylvain Quoilin
  • GIS-based analysis of mobility data of couriers in Berlin concerning vehicle type and district by Jochen Wittmann, Christoph Bork, Lars-Benjamin Neupert
  • Information and Gaming Web-Application supporting energy efficient renovation process of in an energetically outdated social residential area by Grit Behrens, Sven Alexander Ertelt, Florian Steckel, Fabian Witthaus, Frank Hamelmann, Thorsten Försterling
  • Evaluation of Messenger Design: Relationship of Design-Quality, Sustainability, and Success by Hans-Knud Arndt, Peter Kretschmer, Hristo Koychev
  • SPE-SOA: Towards resource consumption-aware migration to cloud based applications by Ola Mustafa, Jorge Marx Gómez
  • Viewpoints for Sensor based Environmental Information Systems by Ruthbetha Kateule, Andreas Winter
  • An interoperable geospatial Smart City and Region Platform by Christian Braun, Ulrich Leopold
Social Events
Location: Building H Room 001 Date: Thu, Sep 15, 2016 Time: 9:45 am - 11:45 am Various