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11.30 Welcome and Introduction

Prof. Dr. Volker Wohlgemuth, dean of the HTW
Jörg Lorenz, CEO green with IT e. V.

Statutory law all over Europe and so in Berlin: CO2-tonnages are to be shut
year by year. Measurable in comprehensive law action until 2050. COP 21
soon influences practices of daily life of all citizens in Europe. Without citizen´s involvement (Bürgerbeteiligung) surely an unworkable duty. How can citizens get involved into valid action? How can we create enthusiasm for these required yearly drop rates? Green with IT has done this for 12 years. During our info day we will show you success stories of citizens involvement and the calculable impact to the national CO2 balance sheets.

11.45 COP 21 Berlin: global goals and local consequences

Prof. Dr. Dieter Flämig, INFRANEU e. V.

  • Efficient CO2 reduction requires consequent local transformations,
    based on holistic strategies, frameworks and broad societal participation
  • Managing the Energy turnaround with binding and triggering
    CO2-dropping laws
  • The field of action
    • COP 21, the results of the Berlin Energy-Enquete Commission,
      the Berlin Energy- and Climate protection program, impulses of
      the Berlin innovation sector;
    • Creating a smart bottom up-movement and intersectoral synergies;
    • Creating a “Green Kondratjew” in Berlin;
      Offering a good local example for fulfilling the COP 21 goals within the processes of a dynamic city development (CO2 reduction initiates urban progress!)

12.15 Moderated Questioning

Prof. Dr. Eckhart Hertzsch, Joanes foundation

12.30 Lunch Break

Location: Building G Room 124 Date: Wed, Sep 14, 2016 Time: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm Jörg Lorenz Eckhart Hertzsch Dieter Flämig Carsten Recknagel Volker Wohlgemuth