Keynote – Visual Analytics to foster research and applications in the environmental domain

The data deluge heavily advertised some years ago has become a fact notably in the environmental sciences and in the green business. Vast amounts of environmental data are collected by satellites, in-situ sensors, field observations or citizen scientists. Large datasets are also produced by complex simulation runs on clusters of servers or High-Performance Computers. These datasets may take various forms: huge tables of experimental results mixing numerical or categorical variables, dynamic biological networks, large text corpora linked to ontologies, or geo-located images and videos.

Scientists and engineers use these types of datasets to solve scientific or technological problems. However, several paths exist to go from raw data to the answer of a question. This speech will focus on one of them: the visual analytics paradigm. Basically, it can be defined as the combined use of data analytics methods, data visualisation techniques and advanced interaction in order to gain insight into complex data.

This keynote speech will illustrate the visual analytics approach with example applications developed in the e-Science Unit of LIST (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology) ranging from the “omics sciences” to renewable energy and hydrology.

Location: Building G Auditorium 001 Date: Wed, Sep 14, 2016 Time: 10:30 am - 11:00 am Benoît Otjacques