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COP 21 | Get the citizens involved! The German “Bürgerbeteiligung” in the “Energiewende” – a transformation process

Metropolitan Solutions

13.30 “Participation in the German Energiewende process – the view from Berlin-Brandenburg”

Wolfgang Korek, Cluster Energietechnik

Examples what we already acquired: how to cut valid CO2-tonnages by incorporating tenants and citizens without investment

13.40 Example 1: evaluated rest waste amounts and impact for CO2-dropping rates

Jörg Lorenz, CEO green with IT e. V.

13.50 Example 2: ladder of success: involving tenants in lowering heating energy consumption

Jörg Lorenz, CEO green with IT e. V.

14.00 Example 3: quarter management of heating energy and expected rates

Jörg Bachmann, green with IT e. V.

14.10 Example 4: how digitalization cuts supply amounts: predictive load curve

Jürgen Maaß, green with IT e. V.

14.20 Example 5: “How to sustainably reduce carbon emission of the transport sector?”

Carsten Recknagel, ITS-BB e. V.

14.30 Example 6: bottom-up-strategy by incorporating citizen´s behaviours and needs

Prof. Dr. Eckhart Hertzsch, Joanes foundation

15.00 World Café: three topics

  1. How to cut heating energy consumption in buildings
    Moderation: Jörg Lorenz, CEO green with IT e. V.
  2. Mobility, public transportation, geo-referenced processes
    Moderation: Dr. Peter Hecker, GEOkomm e. V.
  3. Why involving citizens AND the usual suspects?
    Moderation: Prof. Dr. Eckhart Hertzsch, Joanes foundation

15.15 Conclusion, presentation of results by moderators

Prof. Dr. Dieter Flämig, INFRANEU e. V.

16.00 End of the Workshop

Location: Building G Room 124 Date: Wed, Sep 14, 2016 Time: 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm Jörg Lorenz Eckhart Hertzsch Carsten Recknagel Dieter Flämig Wolfgang Korek