Energy and Water Systems

Presentation of research papers:

  • Dynamic Portfolio Optimization for Distributed Energy Resources in Virtual Power Plants by Almuth Meier, Stephan Balduin, Dierk Brauer, Lars Elend, Stefanie Holly, Jan Korte, Carsten Krüger, Frauke Oest, Immo Sanders-Sjuts, Torben Sauer, Marco Schnieders, Robert Zilke, Christian Hinrichs, Michael Sonnenschein (20 min presentation, 5 min discussion)
  • Distributed Power Management of Renewable Energy Resources for Grid Stabilizing Services by Marita Blank, Bengt Lüers, Sebastian Lehnhoff (20 min presentation, 5 min discussion)
  • A benchmarking methodology to identify fair contributions of different regions to the energy transition by Ernst Schriefl, Günter Wind, Horst Lunzer, Petra Busswald, Franz Niederl (20 min presentation, 5 min discussion)
  • Partial Optimization of Water Distribution System Accounting for Multiobjective System Safety by Marcin Stachura (20 min presentation, 5 min discussion)
Location: Building G Auditorium 002 Date: Thu, Sep 15, 2016 Time: 3:15 pm - 5:00 pm Michael Sonnenschein