Goal betting strategy

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Goal betting strategy

Along with goal betting systems, it is very important to write a few lines about the so-called goal betting strategies. These strategies will help you to take advantage of what sportsbooks offer you in a quality way.

Strategy Over/Under 2.5 goals per game

2.5 goals per game

A classic game played by the most bettors in the world. Choose matches that you think will end with more than two goals or less than three goals in one game. Our suggestion for this strategy is to definitely pick matches where the total is 2.00 to increase the chance of profit.

When choosing matches, it is important to monitor the trend of play in the leagues in which these teams compete. So, if you want to play more goals prediction, avoid betting on matches from Argentina Champions League or Montenegro Champions League and instead focus on German, Dutch or Belgian leagues where attacking football with a lot of goals is played.

Strategy Over/Under 1.5 goals per match

1.5 goals per match

This strategy is intended for bettors who do not want to risk much and are happy with a lower profit. For your bet to be successful, at least two goals must be scored per match. Generally speaking, there will be at least two goals in a large number of matches (around 70%), with such a goal betting strategy it would theoretically not be difficult to become a profitable bettor.

The disadvantage of this strategy is the height of the converter that sportsbooks offer you, it ranges between 1.20 and 1.40, and the advantage of this strategy is the fact that a large number of football matches end with two or more goals.

If you want to further improve your chances of profit, there is an interesting goal betting strategy that comes from live betting. It is necessary to wait until the chosen match is goalless until the 25th or 30th minute, when the odds for the game Over 1.5 goals will be quite good. Then it is necessary to bet on More than one goal in the match and wait for the nets to start shaking.


Betting on goals can be both fun and profitable. The advantage of this type of betting is that you are not interested in which team will win, you are only rooting for the nets to start shaking. The downside of the goal betting system is that sometimes there are simply no goals. If you play the More than one goal strategy, it is necessary to predict the outcome of many matches because the odds are quite low.

Finally, we must emphasize that it is extremely important to bet exclusively with the money you are ready to lose, because sports betting can lead to many problems, including addiction to betting.

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